A crowdsourced marketplace for video production. is a video-creation marketplace that connects businesses with freelance videographers worldwide. It is a relatively new company but boasts big name clients such as Google, Facebook, and Slack.

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  1. VeedMe is a great platform for a videographer as an additional source for projects. The platform is really convenient and simple, it provides a direct contact with the client, the working process is pretty straight forward… as soon as you and your client agree to work together you send them a quote, after excepting the quote the client pays half of it through Veedme, so you can start working on the production. Afterwards the process is pretty similar to the regular one, you make the video, send it for the first round of remarks, then second… whatever you decide with the client prior to the production.. When you finish and submit the final video the client pays the other half. The are pros and cones. It’s a simple and nice platform, and it relies on some sort of trust between both of the sides. Sometimes I send clients briefs and proposals and work on scripts and then after seeing the quote they disappear… it’s possible that they end up hiring another videographer and using the concepts I gave them, but that’s an issue that is hard to control, and after all, I believe in Karma, so for me veedme works pretty well.

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