Professional English teaching to elementary kids in China.

VIPKid only accepts applicants who are citizens of the US or Canada.  

VIPKID connects qualified teachers with Chinese children who want to learn English as a second language. For teachers (you), the sole responsibility is to teach – lesson plans, PPTs, and assessments are all provided. Classes are 25 minutes and at the end of each class you submit a couple sentences of feedback. Classes are one-on-one.
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VIPKID is great for former teachers and can truly work for people who are looking to make some extra money, all the way to covering bills and paying rent. If you are a nomadic teacher and have a reliable connection, VIPKID is likely a perfect fit.

Due to some requirements like minimum hourly commitment, professional background during lessons, etc. it is recommended to work with VIPKid once you are set up in a location, and not while are traveling quickly between many different locations. With that in mind, this is a highly recommended company.

How To Use It

VIPKID is looking for quality teachers – an application, online interview and mock class are required. If hired, you can begin earning money within the week. VIPKID provides videos and other material to review before applying so you know what they are looking for.

For work, all you need is a quiet area and a stable internet connection. Log into your VIPKID Teacher’s Portal, click schedule, and mark your availability. You will begin to see students fill your time slots. When that time comes simply click on the slot and “Go to classroom,” which takes you to the student you will be teaching for the next 25 minutes.

Pay is 7 USD – 9 USD per 25 minute class + leaving feedback, which comes out to be 18 USD – 22 USD per hour. This is before bonuses. Base salary is dependent on experience.

  • Talented, committed students.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Fun atmosphere.
  • Fair pay + bonuses.
  • Cultural exchange.
  • Competitions with cash prizes or trips to China.
  • Lesson plans, PPTs and Assessments provided.
  • VIPKID implements new policies suggested by teachers.
  • Mobile App to check your schedule and provide class feedback.
  • Any Teacher NO SHOWS (even 1) greatly affect your pay. A reliable connection is a must.
  • If you teach a trial course and the student does not show up, you are required to stay in the classroom 15 minutes and will only be payed half of your rate.
  • There are a lot of trial class no shows which take time slots which could have been used to teach students and earn your full rate.
  • Depending on your location hours can be odd.
  • If you don’t submit feedback in timely manner, you do not receive payment for that class.
  • One of the authors of this listing once received a Teacher NO SHOW once due to a technical glitch, despite contacting the right people. Tip – If a student does not show up, take multiple screen shots of the empty classroom while waiting and save them for when payroll arrives.
Things To Know:
  • You are required to teach a certain amount of hours per week (can vary from 7-15) during PEAK times. This is the only strict scheduling commitment they have.
  • They require a professional background and some props. No beach lounging or hostel common rooms.
  • They have a tech department to help teachers and students with any issues.
  • VIPKID’s “firemen” are bilingual and communicate with the parents. The only communication you have with the parents is through the end of class feedback.
  • Open up as many time slots as possible.
  • Teach during PEAK PEAK times so you qualify for more bonuses.
  • Refer friends you believe would be perfect VIPKID teachers.
  • Teach awesome trial classes. You will get a bonus if students sign up after your class.


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4 reviews

  1. What you should know about VIPKid!

    I absolutely love teaching with VIPKId!
    Here’s what I’ve learned so far:
    -You can not maintain this job and a backpacker lifestyle. You need reliable internet every day/ every week and you need a professional looking backdrop.
    -You can teach from abroad and you can teach while you travel but it would have to be in the right circumstances.
    -It doesn’t take long to prepare before classes but at least looking over the Teacher directions and powerpoint is essential for a successful class
    -The kids are usually well-behaved but require a lot of TPR and elicitation.
    -The parents usually sit and watch the classes so you really have to give full effort every class.
    -You MUST be on time
    -After a few TEACHER NO-SHOWS they will ask you to leave the company.
    -The hours can be very early depending on your time zone. I was starting 4am- 8am. Luckily day-light savings kicked in and 5am -9am is much better!
    -The kids are adorable and learn really quickly
    -Props, rewards, a whiteboard, and other materials are necessary.
    -They pay well, especially for the amount of work you actually put in.
    -They give you pretty much all the material and preparation you need.
    -They are serious about their work and require you to be fully committed and have good parents feedback
    -The class bookings start a bit slow, 1-2 per day everyday or every other day BUT THEY REALLY PICK UP! I have 7 classes in one day and I have classes booked every single day.

  2. VIPkid just a mess!

    No pros:
    cons:they just mess with u while in hiring process.The Company send u contract and tell u base pay etc and at the very final stage they fail u.So dont waste your time to apply for it as they just make u a dancing puppet by showing you golden dreams,They take tour time,check u,assume u,and fail u. regretful

  3. VIPkid just a mess!

    No pros:
    cons:they just mess with u while in hiring process.The Company sends u contract and tell u base pay etc and at the very final stage they fail u.So dont waste your time to apply for it as they just make u a dancing puppet by showing you golden dreams,They take your time,check
    assumes u,and fail u. regretful to apply

  4. Can't work if you have no work to be done.

    I wasn’t sure if I should rate VIPKid as average or poor. I opted with rating the company as poor for one, but VERY important reason: bookings. I have been with VIPKid since June 2016 and I have even had my contract renewed but I have only taught 37 classes. I have 5.0 reviews and I haven’t had any teacher no-shows OR IT issues but week after week I never get booked. UNLESS it is trial class (which usually ends up being a student no-show) or I sign up to be a substitute teacher. I have changed my photos as well as updated my profile but at this point, I don’t think it is me; I believe it is the VIPKid booking system.

    I invested a lot into preparing to work for VIPKid such as buying props having the perfect background, and I have even attended workshops to be certified for PRE-vip and Level 6, but still… no bookings.

    However, I DO like the students ( all 37 I have had) and I like to teaching material, especially the interactive slides,

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