One of the biggest P2P voice casting sites.

Voice123 and rival Voices.com are considered to be the two biggest online P2P (pay-to-play) voice casting sites today, by some estimates accounting for upwards of 90% of the online voice talent casting world.

While there are many similarities in the two platforms, there are also some important differences, including payment systems, transparency, and number and quality of clients. Voice123 has the reputation of being the smaller, more transparent, and open of the two.

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Anyone can sign up for a membership on Voice123 – even novice talent can submit auditions. For those building their career this is a leg up and a place to hone their skills, while for professionals the amount of amateur talent is frustrating.

Both sides of the spectrum can find work here, though there is a widespread opinion that these platforms are better for beginners who want to hone their skills and gain exposure, while more professional talents outgrow these platforms as they make other connections.

How To Use It

Premium membership is $395/ year. There is a free basic plan, but you’ll only be able to showcase 10 demos. After that you’ll only be able to submit auditions by direct invitation from a client. Premium membership means unlimited auditions, support, etc. The vast majority of VOs finding work here have premium memberships.

There is a lot of auditioning involved, and bear in mind that many other people are up for the same jobs you are.  You have to be clear in your description of your abilities, your demos have to be spot on, and you have to have fast turnaround to be competitive. Make sure you are prepared to submit professional work.

Once you’re in, research rates a little instead of blindly accepting projects. As an open marketplace clients are allowed to post whatever budget they like, but Voice123 does provide the average price for common projects that you can reference.

Voice123 leaves the payment entirely up to the talent and the client (as opposed to Voices.com’s escrow system). Some VOs prefer to handle their own billing and client relations, though this is entirely a matter of opinion.

Consider Voice123 to be one tool among many for finding clients. Voice123 can be useful, but you shouldn’t count on this platform to be your only source of work.

  • Possible to get clients quickly.
  • If you have a great portfolio or get referrals clients will occasionally contact you privately to audition.
  • Voice123 has a chat feature with clients so you can communicate with them directly.
  • Voice123 only connects you with clients – they do not take care of refunds or extra measures to make sure you get paid. Be on the lookout for scams. If it’s suspicious or too good to be true it probably is.
  • Lots of competition.
  • Having less experienced talent swarm the space can be really obnoxious if you are a seasoned professional.
Things To Know
  • Voice123’s signature tool for matching talent with clients – SmartCast – is also the one of their biggest causes of complaints. There is debate as to how useful it is or isn’t.
  • Some producers report that more than half the submissions don’t even come close to what they’re seeking. If you’re a trained pro, that’s potentially good news. Just make sure your turnaround is fast.
  • If you are completely unfamiliar to voice acting, or only curious, this is not a recommended investment to make. VO work requires serious work and expensive equipment. If you’re trying to break into this field, great, but if you simply have a nice voice and want to give it a stab, get a bit of training under your belt before dropping money on paid memberships.

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2 reviews

  1. One of the better P2P sites.

    I prefer Voice123 to Voices by a long shot because there’s no transparency questions. Voice123 is good, but only if you put the time in. Great for talent that’s learning and filling in gaps for some of us more experienced artists.

  2. Long time talent who like their roots and "culture" has been forgotten

    Quality has been accepted and praised by other services. Allowing unfiltered rejections and almost pandering to clients rather than talent when I have to pay $400 a year for a job? Definitely not my cup of tea and a big diversion from their past. Not sure if this has to do with the rumours of them splitting from their former owners, but I wish they never forgot their roots. Taking my talent elsewhere.


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