Legal transcription in the UK.
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Voicepath is a UK based company that deals with the transcription of tapes and manuscript documents from law firms and barristers based in the UK.

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  1. Pros and cons of being a transcriptionist

    Great for flexibility and being able to stay at home. I managed to avoid childcare costs and commuting expenses as a result of working from home. Able to choose your own hours of work.

    You are self employed, so you have to sort out your own tax returns, and you don’t get paid an awful lot for the hours you do. You work A LOT more hours than you do in an ordinary office, some weeks I was doing 50 to 60 hours. You can feel isolated too, and the pressure is on to be available as much as possible in order to get the work. You can’t be sick as you don’t get sick pay. You have to be adaptable, and take all the work that is assigned to you – if you cherry pick the work (taking only the best work) you will be taken off the books.

    Other things:
    You need to be extremely good at English – spellings, understanding English accents, legal (and sometimes medical) terminology, fast and accurate typist, punctuation and grammar on point. There is a lot of pressure to be able to learn new document management systems and clients have their own way of working (sometimes even the fee earners have their own individual requirements separate from the company’s) so you have to remember a lot.
    What’s pay like?

    Pay is rubbish. Jobs such as this because they are home based means that you won’t get the pay you get in an ordinary office, unless you do an awful lot of hours and you are fast and accurate. My last tax year brought in less than £10,000 and for that I worked every week without any long holidays. This is an ideal job to supplement your pension, or if you have another income from someone else in the family. I had to top my income up with Tax Credits to survive.

    You set your own hours but you do feel obliged to do as much as possible. The work can be erratic so it can go quiet throughout the year at times, or you can be so busy that you are doing more hours than you wanted to.

    This is a job for people that can work alone, learn fast, have good English skills and have another income coming into the home. I did it for just over 8 years and I had to give it up due to exhaustion (I had no real holidays during that period), but it did give me the chance to spend time with my son as he was growing up, I avoided childcare costs and commuting expenses and the awful office politics!

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