Test website and app usability for cash.

What It Is:

A website usability testing platform, paying users to give feedback on the layout and user experience of different websites. For example: you might be asked to navigate to a certain part of their site, add items to a shopping cart, test out a feature, etc, recording yourself as you complete the tasks.


How To Use It:

There are no special requirements other than having a webcam and being articulate.

Application process:
1.) Create account.
2.) Download screen recording software.
3.) Perform sample test as an application.
4.) Wait for your video application to be reviewed.
5.) You receive invitations to test. If no tests are currently available, wait.
6.) Work. Record your screen as you complete objectives, speaking continuously. Answer the review questions asked afterward.
7.) Income is deposited into a Paypal account on the 25th of each month.

Tests take about 15 minutes. WhatUsersDo pays £8 per test.


Recommended For:

Beer money and side cash, but probably pretty good beer. WhatUsersDo says to expect 3-5 tests a month, with high quality work earning more tests.

You can’t earn full-time income from usability testing because you won’t receive enough tests, even if you sign up for all usability testing sites. For real earning you’ll want to use this in combination with other income sources. If you just want side-cash or to augment your income this can be a great option.



  • Great time vs money ratio.
  • Is one of the better known usability testing platforms.



  • There is a limited amount of tests you are likely to receive. Don’t expect to earn great amounts of money here.
  • Jobs are a little less frequent here than with other usability testings sites.
  • Payment comes only once a month.
  • Usability testing platforms can take awhile to review your application, and many don’t bother to send a notification if you haven’t been accepted.


Things To Know:

  • Applying to several usability testing companies at once is usually advised to maximize earnings and likelihood of getting accepted.
  • Clean up – you’re being recorded.
  • Test offers are first come first serve, so if you don’t respond quickly, you may lose the opportunity. Act fast!
  • Pay attention and try to perform well during the sample test and your initial paid site tests. Your performance directly affects the number of job offers you get.
  • During the tests, speak continuously. Don’t stop talking.  Offer direct suggestions instead of just saying what you think about the site.
  • Clear extra browser tabs so you look more professional while your screen is being recorded.


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1 review

  1. Not for everyone

    Cons: It’s only for people live in Uk, Us, Spain, Germany, French, Canada, Australia and Netherlands
    If someone clicks on the Other option the site tells

    “Unfortunately, we don’t currently have an active panel in your country, which means we don’t have any tests to offer you currently.

    But you can leave us our email address and if we’re doing a special project in your country or do open an active panel there then we’ll email you to see if you’re still interested in testing with us”

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