Freelance marketplace based in Latin America.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Workana is an online marketplace that connects freelancers in Latin America with clients from around the world. Workana’s model is largely copied from other large freelance marketplaces like People Per Hour and Upwork, with a couple key differences suited to Latin American markets. Workana is multi-lingual and available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese (other platforms this size aren’t), and also has local payment options – an important distinction for many Latin countries.

Workana takes a commission of 15% from customer payments. Creating a profile, projects, and bidding are free.

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  1. Puede mejorar

    Tengo poca experiencia en Workana, he conseguido un cliente con quien me he mantenido, pero no es fácil encontrar clientes en las plataformas, ya que los clientes no valoran mucho la calidad del producto.
    De igual manera Workana me parece que es el más sencillo para poder contactar con clientes y con posibilidades de intercambio de información que otros como Freelancer, cherada, Bahance, entre otros.

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