World Packers

Opportunities to trade skills for accommodation in over 100 countries.

Worldpackers is a work exchange platform on which travelers find opportunities to exchange their skills for accommodation. Examples include NGOs, eco programs, schools, small businesses, and more.

Worldpackers is in the vein of Work Away and Helpx, but differs in its pay structure and level of organization. Instead of a yearly subscription fee like the former two, Worldpackers charges its travelers per trip, and the fees vary. Worldpackers makes a point to be more organized than other popular work exchange platforms. Host profiles are detailed, and applicants can see how many other travelers have applied.

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  1. super friendly tool

    They will ofer you o many opportunities, with coolest search filters such as “surf”, “sea” “natre lover”. I am in love with worldpackers. The places are awesome, the suscription price is low and they are super transparent and relaxed in the support.

    I havent one yet..

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