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Exclusive site for freelance writers with quality pay.

Writing Bunny (formerly Article Bunny) is a high end platform that connects clients with professional freelance writers based on their needs. Here the work is good and the standards are high. Less than 2% of writers who apply to the platform are accepted..

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Experienced, professional writers should seriously consider this platform. Proficient English speakers only.

Many writers on this site have made Writing Bunny their main source of income, but not their only source. Like most freelance work, the frequency of jobs can sag.

How To Use It

Anyone can create a profile but you will need to undergo a series of assessments before being accepted. Writing Bunny does give preference to applicants nominated by other writers or clients, but you can apply yourself as well.

Once you’re accepted fill out a detailed profile you can work. You can wait for clients to contact you or look for assignments (direct billing), sign up for a “speedy” (projects with a fast turnaround), or take part in a contest. You won’t be communicating with clients directly – Mr. Bunny handles all of that.

Fees depend on the project. For direct billing writers set their own rates and Writing Bunny adds their profit margin to what you charge. For contest or “speedy” work Writing Bunny takes a percentage.

Clients can hire writers in three ways: direct booking (they look at specific writer profiles and choose the freelancer), a “speedy” in which Mr. Bunny finds them someone fast, or hold a contest in which writers compete to land the job.

Make sure to maintain good metrics – they continuously evaluate you according to an algorithm and will kick you out if the quality of your work drops.

  • Platforms with high paying work are always a relief to find in the online writing world.
  • Being able to set your own rates is a big plus – most platforms in the sphere don’t allow that.
  • Most writers who work here (and manage to stay) seem to be very satisfied with this platform.
  • Having your written evaluated by an algorithm can leave writers feeling they’ve gotten bad marks due to a minor technicality instead of the real quality of their work.
  • Strict editing.
Things To Know
  • They do not tolerate any basic spelling or grammar issues. Submit work only after reviewing carefully.
  • Though you can set your own hours as a freelancer, they do give preference to writers who make themselves available and communicate when they will not be available.

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2 reviews

  1. Where I get most of my work

    I’ve worked with a lot of sites like this and Article Bunny is by far my favorite. It’s one of the few where you can consistently get well-paid work online as a writer.

  2. Great Rates and Efficient Editing

    This is the go-to site for those who wish to put their writing skills to the test. No funny business, just straightforward writing and editing. Also, the editors are amazing. Just be sure to check grammar and spelling. The rates are incredible and the support fast and efficient. Furthermore, articles that are approved by the editorial team are paid for, whether the client accepts them or not.

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