A content marketing platform that caters to marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs

Zerys is a content creation service that caters to marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs.

You will need to apply to be accepted as a writer and create a profile. You will then be able to access work available to the level of your star rating, and ultimately it is up to the client to accept or reject your work. Both beginner and experienced writers can find gigs here. There’s a lot of work here, though Zerys receives frequent complaints from its freelancers about how slow the platform is to process projects.

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2 reviews

  1. Super slow

    It’s taken me a long time to start getting projects with Zerys. The longer I work with it, though, the more frustrated I get. Customers can ask writers to audition for a job and it means you write a 250-word piece. They can then decide whether to accept or reject it, with or without pay. It is one of the slowest agencies I’ve ever dealt with. Some of the projects take months to complete and I’ve simply just moved on to other faster and better-paying sites.

  2. Bad system

    I had an awful experience with Zerys. I did one article for like $30 that was sort of a casting call but you actually write the article. It was a super tough subject that took me hours of research and hours to properly write. Turns out they don’t pay you if they don’t accept or reject the article, so customers can just leave your article in limbo forever and not pay you.

    Pros: I hear for those established years ago you can make some good money off their love list sort of system.

    Cons: They can withhold payment and the website is dead. I saw probably three articles in the month I had an account and only got to one before others.

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