To test a site, simply earn with one of the sites below, and fill out a review under Add Listing. The information you submit comes straight to the Nomad Playground team, which we use to create a new listing.

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Easy Money

Language Tutoring: Chat or tutor in your native language. 
  • Panda Tree – Spanish and Mandarin tutors.
  • Ok Panda – $8 an hour for chatting in English.
  • Lingoda – Site for teaching English, German, French, or Spanish. €8.50/ hr for native German speakers, no requirements necessary other than being native.
  • An exhaustive list of different online teaching and tutoring opportunities can be found here.
Paid Surveys: 
Click Worker: Earn by doing a range of tasks computers still can’t do. 
UX/ UI (Usability) Testing: Test websites and apps for ease of use. 
Selling pictures/video/other media:
Scouting/ Referral Programs: Convince people to sign up for new websites. (Relevant, interesting companies only. No pyramid schemes allowed.)
  • Talk Talk Bnb – Free accommodation in exchange for language tutoring.
Passive Income
  • Cross Media Panel – A browser extension that tracks your online activity. Keep it installed and get a weekly reward.
  • SavvyConnect – A browser extension and app that tracks your online activity. Keep it installed and get a weekly reward.
  • Nielsen Digital Voice – Tracks computer usage. Keep it installed and get a weekly reward. Note: they may only give out sweepstakes awards, not actual cash.
Smartphone Apps:
  • Receipt Hog – an app that pays you to take shots of receipts when you buy things.
  • Pact App – Earn side cash by walking everywhere.
  • Feature Points – Earn by downloading free apps onto your phone and trying them for a minute.
  • 1Q – Earn by answering survey questions sent via their app.
  • Free Eats – Earn by answering survey questions sent via text.
  • PerkTV – Paid to watch videos, play trivia, search the web, etc.
  • – Paid to watch videos.
Paid to Review:
Paid to Share on Social Media
  • – A live streaming video platform for gamers. The makers of the games you play pay for the exposure they get. Users get a cut of the ad revenue generated from their videos.
  • Air Bnb Local Guide – Air Bnb is hiring local guides in cities around the world.
  • No Risk Matched Betting – full guide here. May only be available to those with UK or Irish bank accounts.



General Freelance Platforms

  • LinkedIn Profinder
  • Guru
  • Worknhire
  • Tenrr – Same concept as Fiverr.
  • Task Rabbit – Pays for gigs. Many are location based, but some tasks, such as transcribing, are digital.
  • Onespace (formerly
  • Guidelighter – Mentor someone learning your profession.
  • Buddy School – One on one tutoring marketplace for a wide variety of fields.
  • Preply – Online tutoring platform for many different subjects.
  • Flitlance – Freelancer marketplace for many different professions.


Language Teaching Marketplaces

Freelance Translation Platforms
Freelance Writing Platforms
Freelance Design Platforms:
Freelance UX/UI Platforms
  • WorkingNotWorking
  • DesignInc
  • Toptal
Freelance Programming
Job Boards
Voice Overs/ Voice Acting
  • Voice Bunny
  • For standard rates in this industry visit here.
Selling Online Courses
  • Udemy
  • Unacademy – largest online education platform in India
  • – Sign up as an expert and earn by providing answers to posted questions.
  • Law Trades – online work for US based lawyers.



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